Xenomorphs are set loose on research ship Porn Xmaster

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pisspool 1 year ago
Literally am here simply for the plot because my masochistic brain wants to ruin one of my favourite film franchises.
dingus 1 year ago
hope the story continues it stops right at climax i would like to see her willingly become breeding queen
Daddysbabygirl 1 year ago
New fantasy unlocked. I so wish this could happen to me.
bro wtf am i doing here 11 months ago
I really enjoyed this, came for the nut, stayed for the plot, it was really interesting, I love the details you put into it.

I can’t wait till part 2 comes out, and see what happens to our main girl.

She didn’t look too good at the ending, with a facehugger on her…well face, won’t she become a victim to a chestburster?

I hope she doesn’t die but we’ll see!
Friendly Neighborhood Gay Guy 1 year ago
Ok! Will admit, I get off to facehugger stuff!
Would love to see a part 2!
dingus 1 year ago
just wanted to ask when there impregnated breasts should expand anouther feature of becoming a breeding machine please pick up where this leaves off im so curious of what becomes of a willing host
Fapper 1 year ago
Simply great! Need more
Anonymous women 6 months ago
Even as a woman I would Want this to happen to me all the time
8 months ago
I hope you post more episodes of this please thank you
01001101 1 week ago
Oh man what is wrong witt me?